About us

HFT71 is a Wroclaw-based company that provides comprehensive order fulfillment services, covering the entire process from clothing manufacturing in Bangladesh, through the sale of pre-decorated products, execution of custom embellishments on proprietary or entrusted goods, all the way to final customer shipment. Additionally, we specialize in servicing the Print-On-Demand (POD) business model, which involves on-demand printing services.



One-person business with a single embroidery machine.


Entry into the international textile group TB International.


Relocation to a 4500 m2 facility, merging embroidery, screen printing, digital printing, and VAS department.


Comprehensive fulfillment center offering Screen Printing, Direct-to-Garment (DTG), Embroidery, Direct-to-Film (DTF), and Value-Added Services (VAS), employing 200 personnel.


Relocation to a new production and warehouse facility spanning 11,500 m2.

How did it begin?

Our story begins in Wroclaw in 2012, where a young individual decided not only to dream but also to strive for those dreams.

Robert Zachar is the President and
active CEO of HFT71 company.

When starting my business, back then it was a one-person operation, I was filled with both apprehension and hope for the future. For years, computerized embroidery had been my passion, and delving into knowledge in this field was something I saw as a pleasure rather than an obligation.

Perhaps that’s why I took off so quickly after deciding to transform my passion into a way of life – he recalls with a smile.

He acquired his first single-head embroidery machine with the intention of developing his skills as a hobby.

However, the growing interest in the embellishments he was producing prompted him to establish his own company.

„I knew that the Polish garment embellishment market needed high-quality products – it needed excellent embroidery. And well, I was quite skilled in computerized embroidery,” he says with a laugh.

In 2012, I went to the Wroclaw City Office and registered my first company under the name zhaftujsie.pl.

I remember that a lot of individuals approached me, as well as companies, asking to personalize their clothing. I felt excited. With time, I couldn’t handle the increasing volume of orders alone, so I started hiring.

In 2015, the business evolved from a sole proprietorship to a trading and service company, and in 2018, the organization also changed its name. That’s how HFT71 was born.

All that we offer to our clients today is the result of implementing services driven by market demand,” adds Robert Zachar. „From a small embroidery workshop, we’ve transformed into a fully-fledged production company.”

In our machinery park, there are currently 62 computerized embroidery heads, 4 screen printing carousels, and 6 Kornit Atlas MAX digital printers with state-of-the-art wet-on-wet printing technology, allowing us to print directly onto clothing.