FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare a computer embroidery design, a vector file is required. To get a quote for a specific project, please attach such a file in your email. In case you don’t have a vector file, please provide a bitmap (minimum resolution for embroidery is 150dpi, and for printing, it’s 300dpi). If we are only creating text using an existing font, please attach the font from the website https://www.dafont.com/.

Grammage is the weight per square meter of a given material. The choice of grammage is an individual matter. A t-shirt with a grammage of 120 g/m2 will be light and breathable, while a t-shirt with a grammage of 180 g/m2 will be thicker and more substantial. For computer embroidery on clothing, we recommend materials with a higher grammage. Printing can be done on all types of textiles. The most cost-effective printing method is DTG. For larger quantities of products, we recommend the screen printing technique.

For computer embroidery, we recommend selecting the fabric grammage based on the complexity of the design. On lightweight shirts, the embroidery should be smaller and less detailed than on sweatshirts. Printing, on the other hand, can be done on all types of textiles. The most cost-effective printing method is DTG. For larger quantities, we recommend the screen printing technique.

We offer a range of services to facilitate the establishment of your own clothing brand. We handle orders comprehensively, starting from the design phase, through production including embellishments and accessories, to packaging and transportation. Our offerings also include Build Your Brand textiles. These are blank products, devoid of branding and labels, ready for customization. A full catalog of available products can be found on the Build Your Brand website.

We price each project individually. The price is primarily influenced by the complexity of the design and the quantity of products ordered. A short text using a ready-made font will be cheaper than a complex pattern. Additionally, the service price includes the embroidery program prepared by our graphic designer, which typically ranges from 20 to 60 PLN. The embroidery program is a one-time cost incurred by the customer for the first order.

The delivery times are determined individually with the customer and depend on the quantity, complexity, and the time of year. During the spring-summer season, the delivery time may range from 2 to 6 weeks. Retail orders are usually fulfilled within 10 working days.

The transportation cost depends on the quantity of items in the order. The cost of transportation is 20 PLN net per carton. For example, a carton can hold 72 pieces of baseball caps or 100 t-shirts. For international shipping, please contact us in advance.

The most durable decoration method is computer embroidery. The threads we use are resistant to washing and sunlight. This ensures a long lifespan for the decoration.

When ordering a larger quantity, it is possible to create a prototype. In such cases, we conduct preliminary tests and consult the details with the customer to ensure the approval of the design.

The minimum production quantity depends on the chosen decoration technique. Specifically:

Embroidery: 50 pieces

DTG Printing: 25 pieces

Screen Printing: 100 pieces

Within one order, we can combine different techniques. We can create mixed decorations, for example, computer embroidery with screen printing. We also provide comprehensive label replacement services with personalized tags and stickers.

The easiest way is to select a color in person using a Pantone swatch book. However, if that’s not an option, you can use the Pantone Color Finder tool online at https://www.pantone.com/color-finder.